Car Body Repairs London

CarBodyRepairsLondon is a car body repairs company serving London. We offer an honest, diverse range of repairs (comprehensive of anything you would need to repair your car).

Our service covers the whole of London. Whether you require a car body repair in the centre near the Houses of Parliament or ‘Big Ben’ clock tower. Or you are in the surrounding boroughs, we can come to you wherever you are!

one of our team fixing a car

We cover the whole of London in two main ways:

Car body shop

First is through our car body shop.

This is our main hub and where most of our operations work from. Our main car body repair shop is the real deal.

We have the team, knowledge and tools to fix just about any car body damage that comes through our doors.

For our garage service, we want this to be as fully comprehensive as possible.

We realise how convenient a mobile repair service is (and ours is excellent), but sometimes you simply have to bring your car in.

We go the extra step, like having CCTV within our garage so that you can be absolutely certain that your car is covered of any damage or harm while in our possession.

Mobile repair service

The other way we do this is through our mobile car body repair service.

No matter where you are in London, we can have you covered with our mobile repair service.

Mobile repairing is the future of car repairs and we are at the forefront of it.

The company has divisions of car body repair experts in South London, North London, West London and East London.

Each quarter of London currently has at least 4 mobile car body repair members with all of the necessary tools and equipment to repair your car to the CarBodyRepairsLondon standard.

Getting a mobile repair service might seem foreign to some people.

However, we are able to bring everything you would ever need right to your doorstep to fix the problem with your car.

This saves you EVER having to drive to a garage! Our customers love it and we save them so much time.

a car with the bonnet open

An exceptional service

We see dozens of cars pass through our main garage doors each day.

However, we serve even more people with our mobile repair service as we can simply get to so many people on any given day.

Between the garage and the mobile repair – there is no difference in quality.

We have worked really hard to ensure any mobile service is as comprehensive as our garage service.

This took a bit of time but we are now confident that our mobile service is easily as good as our garage service.

In fact, it could even be better overall as you do not even have to drive your car to a garage, think about leaving your car there or any of the other inconveniences that come along with using a shop.

The mobile service is incredibly convenient for our clients.

You can simply call us with your requirements, no matter where you are in London, and we can get one of the team out to you quickly with the solution you need. 

Always Fast

We can prioritise your repairs if you need an urgent repair.

Depending on your location, you could either come in to the garage and drop off your vehicle (and we could drop your car off to you at suitable location if necessary), or you could use our mobile repair car service.

This means we can send one of the team out to you immediately to get your car repaired.

Our service as a whole is fast and efficient but we can offer a speedy service to those clients that urgently need something repaired right now.

Our accident repair services in London

So have you had an accident somewhere in London?

We are the fast, affordable and local choice to get your car repaired, today!

It hardly matters what the damage is, we can repair most car damages caused by a whole range of accidents.

Whether you have…

– A scratch on your bumper

– Scratched paint on your car

– Require a respray, paint removal or a custom pain job

– Have a classic vehicle that has been in an accident

– Wheel or alloy damage

– Had a key swipe your paint job

– A general accident

– Minor dents

– Require insurance repairs

Our service can seamlessly repair all of these problems you could be facing.

We have mastered this process to be cost effective, fast and pleasant for everyone involved.

our team member about to complete a respray

My insurance company wants to pick a car body repair garage to fix my car…

Our service completely covers any insurance work you might need. It is common for insurance companies to tell you what you should and should not do with your car.

These insurance companies are very money savvy and always act in their own best interests. Your interests do not really overlap.

Sometimes insurance companies suggest who you should get your car repaired by.

However, there is no law or rule that your insurance company dictates to you who you get your car repaired by. This is your choice if you want it to be.

For any insurance style work, we would gladly put ourselves forward as an ideal choice in London for a car repair.

Even if you need us to speak to your insurance company on your behalf to ensure that the repairs are made to the exact specification this is no problem.

Our service is as good as any out there, with of course boasting a wide covering mobile repair service and affordable prices.

I think my car is beyond repair

It is possible that your car is and in some cases, we will not be able to help. We are more of a car body repair service than a total car restoration service.

However, we think it is always worth speaking to us before you do anything as extreme as salvaging your car.

Either we might have a solution, or one of our many contacts we have gained in this industry could do something for your car.

Contact Our Car Body Repair Service Centre in London

Contact our service centre in London if you are ready to get your car repaired. You have several options at this point.

Firstly, you can choose to come into our car garage for your repairs. Just give us a ring to book an appointment with us.

If you would like a mobile car repair, call through and we can arrange a suitable time to meet with you and carry out the repair.

If you need urgent help, call us and we can either come out to you and take your car away or repair it where you are.

For affordable car body repairs in London, you know who to contact!