Our company has been serving London for over 10 years now with the most modern car body repair techniques available.

The company has developed over the years, moving from small garages to eventually being in our larger and more comprehensive car body repair shop.

We can now make dozens of repairs each day from our car body repair shop.

We’re extremely busy each day, with most of our clients coming through recommendation, referral or a past experience with us.

It was not always like this and we had to work hard to get the shop to such a thriving position.

a wheel and tyre

Repairs at your doorstep

In the more recent years, we introduced a mobile car repair service. This started fairly centrally in London.

We realised how revolutionary it was for car body repairs and quickly focused a lot of our energy into this side of the business.

It is great providing a speedy service for our clients but we do not want to sacrifice quality no matter where we are carrying out the service.

First we made sure that the quality was there with our repairs.

Each mobile repair team now has everything they could ever need to carry out a fully comprehensive car body repair service, no matter where they are.

Any new members of the team have to accompany one of our more experienced team members, ensuring that all customers always get an excellent service.

We never want to risk our reputation.

After the quality was sorted out, we were able to expand throughout multiple areas in London.

We now have a mobile car body repair service in North London, South London, West London AND East London!

Covering the whole of London has been a revolution for us and our customers.

We can now help people everywhere at all times.