Avoiding Car Accidents: What You Can Do

The unfortunate thing about car accidents is that they are almost always going to happen. It is human nature to make mistakes. We are all infallible and will all make mistakes. What is even more unfortunate is that car accidents can lead to serious injuries. Clearly, this is not ideal for anyone involved and most people try to avoid car accidents.

However, accidents you are involved in can sometimes seem like the other party’s fault. This might be true – it could be completely their fault. On the other hand, there was probably something you could have done to also avoid the accident. Being more mindful on the road is going to save a lot of things. Our car body repairs in London company want the best for you, your car and your bank account.

Firstly, it could save your life. Thousands of people die a year in car accidents from collisions, slips and things like that. It is a tragedy. Secondly, you could save someone else’s life. What if you have a car full of your family? A crash could lead to the end for all of you. The next thing you’ll save yourself is from serious injuries and more minor injuries. The next thing you have to worry about, and this is what catches most people, is saving your money. All of these really minor accidents like car park bumper scuffs are going to cost you money. There are no two ways about it. You either drive around with a nice healthy scuff on your car or you pay the price to get it repaired.

Although we make our living from people having accidents and needing their car repaired, we would prefer if we lived in a world without accidents and had to get a new profession. This is a true statement. We could still work within the car world and would not have to deal with any associated trauma related to cars and the damage caused. This would also mean we would never get in an accident ever again! Well, we are lucky enough that we do not get involved in many serious accidents, we deal with more minor issues so this is not a moan. However, virtually everyone knows someone that has unfortunately passed away from a car crash or knows of someone that suffered a similar fate. Not pleasant.

So with that all in mind we wanted to write about some basic things you can do while driving to avoid any accidents. A lot of them are just common sense and not groundbreaking new discoveries we have come up with. This goes for small little accidents right the way through to big collisions. Be more mindful on the road and it could save you for the rest of your life…

Focus on driving

It is easy to become distracted. This could be by music, a podcast, a phone call. Whatever it is, do not get distracted while driving. If you give driving your 100% attention as you do it you stand to have the best chance of reducing the amount of accidents you will have across your lifetime. Forget multi-tasking right now, save that for another time. Leave the phone calls until you are finished driving. No one needs to speak to you *right now* that badly. They can wait 5 minutes to an hour and you can say you were driving.

Don’t drive aggressively

Drivers cause accidents, not cars. People are very ready to speed, take corners quickly and take risks. This is what causes accidents. If anything, you should look to drive defensively. You cannot control what the idiots around you are doing so be mindful of their aggressive driving and do the opposite. You can always slow down, stop and get out of an idiot’s way rather than try and fight for your right of way or something like that. Rest easy knowing that that person will probably end up injured or worse off in the future for cutting you off. You won’t.

Plan unknown journeys

If you are going somewhere new, just plan your journey ahead of time. When you are desperately trying to figure out where you are, reading maps, fiddling with your sat nav – accidents can happen. Be confident and assured in what you are doing and where you are going.

Don’t drive tired

Just don’t! There is a reason that we all have to sleep every single night. We cannot live without it. Without sleep we become fools very quickly. Driving tired is a way to act a fool on the road and suffer the consequences. Being tired is one of the key reasons that people crash their cars. Avoiding car accidents becomes much easier when you are responsible and only drive when you are mentally and physically able to do so.

Secure your kids and animals

Kids and animals don’t have an appreciation for driving and the consequences. You do so it is your responsibility to have kids and animals under control. Don’t have your kids climbing all over you or your dog going mad in the car. You could get distracted or they could knock something like the steering wheel and you will be in big trouble.






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