How To Promote Your Repair Service

Every business in the country needs customers for their company. This is a simply fact of business. We need to exchange our products or services for money in order to keep the company going. There is nothing unethical about exchanging money for something. Money has to be spent so giving someone a valuable service is doing them a massive favour. As your local car body repairs in London team, we want to help other people that are looking to promote their service.

Promotion is the key for more sales and getting your service to more people that need it. Good promoting is all about telling people about your company, what you offer and why people should your service as opposed to someone else’s. This post is all about the things you can do to keep people calling you for your service. The public are going to need to know you if they are to hire your services. No matter if you are offering repairs for alloys, minor scratches, big dents, repainting, breakdown recovery, reclamation… anything – people need to know you to hire you

We know of other repair services that struggle to get consistent custom so this one has been written for you. You need a good flow of customers for your company. Firstly for predictability. It is no fun never knowing when your next customer is coming. The second is for confidence that your service is good and is it not a promotion problem.

Check out the steps below to get a more consistent flow of people to help. Remember – always be promoting!

Actually offer an excellent service

Although this is not promotion as such – you really need to have a great service in order to promote it. No one wants to sell something that is rubbish. You are being dishonest with yourself and the people you are interacting with. You want to be able to shamelessly promote your service because you really believe in it. Are you doing this already? If you are not, is it because you are ashamed of your service?

So the first thing you need to do on the path of promotion is to be the best service in your area. You do not need to be the car service with the most money to achieve this. Excellent customer service, personal touches, good prices, speed, cleanliness are all steps you could take to become superior to other people.

Yes, more promotion equals more sales and more sales equals more money in which to offer a better service. But everyone can do more with what they currently have. Look at yourself. What more can you do? Do the same for your team. What about your equipment and tools? Do you maintain your tools well? Use whatever resources you have now to offer a better service.

You could outright ask your current customers what you could do better, or give them an anonymous form to fill out of what to improve. Include price, speed, quality of work and likelihood of returning and why (for example).

Promote wherever YOU go

Whatever you do on a daily basis – speak to the people around you. You do not have to be as blatant as “I repair cars!” But just get talking to people. Work consists of most people’s lives so that topic will come up eventually. Let the people around you know what you do. People would much rather go to someone they know, like and trust over walking into a random garage they have never heard of.

Go to local events, do whatever you have to do to speak to new people each day and week and you will get organic results from this. It’s great to be able to help people’s cars of the people you already know/have just got to know in the community.

Advertise online

Have a look anywhere these days. Everyone is buried in their phones! Then when they get home they are either still on their phone or just move onto the laptop. Everyone is online so your business should be advertised online.

The basic requirements are a website, Google business account and Facebook. There are other optional additions like Instagram if you think you are committed enough to keep them updated. A website and Google My Business account gives you legitimacy as being real and you can collect reviews through the business account. This will help anytime someone searches for you online. It’s also free to make!

Have a garage in a busy place

If you do not have a garage yet, be ready to fork out when the time comes. You want a place where there are hundreds if not thousands of cars driving past each and every day. Whatever the additional cost is – try to make it. Paying a few hundred more a month to be in a good spot will generate so much money for you that you would not believe it.

If you are already set up on a less busy street is there anyway you can get a sign up that tells people on this busy street about your car business nearby?

How about handing out flyers with a free gift once a month? You could have a mini map plus your latest offers and discounts on the flyer. You need to try to market and promote your car company to the best of your ability.

Promoting is not easy but it is necessary. Some of the biggest CEO’s in the world are still promoting every day so we all have no excuse to not be doing the same. Best of luck to everyone and we will be back again soon.





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