Thankfully, we are in a position where we can now serve multiple areas of London. We started off as a company that only had a garage. This obviously limits the amount of people you can see in a day as only so many people can get to you.

We expanded to a mobile service, meaning that we send fully loaded vehicles out to our customers to make car repairs to them right at their door step! This goes for virtually any sort of minor-medium repair. If your car is totalled, there isn’t a lot we will be able to do either from our mobile service or the garage.

In any case, our mobile car body repair team can reach most any part of London. Although we can usually get to you pretty quickly, the further away you are from our divisions, the longer it will take for us to get to you.

We want our car body repairs throughout London to be of exceptional quality and value – no matter which area of London you reside in.

Essentially, now, we can just about reach every corner of London! So whether you’re in the centre, north, east, south or west – we can get to you!

one of the team repairing a car body