Car Body Repair East London

Looking for a car body repair in East London

Our team has a division of car body repair specialists that covers the whole of East London 

We started with garages in central London and when it came to expansion, we opted for more mobile repair units instead of more garages. 

The reason? When we come to you for car body repair it is more convenient and more time/cost effective for clients. More on that below. 

As a result, our car body repair teams throughout London are some of the best in the industry.

We’re totally up to date on all of the latest tools and equipment, not least because we love cars. 

All typical small to medium sized repairs can be carried out. 

a car with the bonnet opem

Car Body Repair Services in East London

  • Dent removal. We can use paint and not paint methods.
  • Scratch repairs and removal. There’s no need to drive around with scratches on your car when we can get rid of them so quickly and easily!
  • Paintwork repairs. Exact match colour systems now allow us to seamlessly repair your paintwork.
  • Accident repairs. Had any sort of accidental damage to your car like a trolley hitting it? We can sort it!
  • Scrapes and chip repairs. Our team are experts at this. Get your car looking new again.
  • Bumper repairs. All parts of your car can be repaired, especially the bumper.
  • Alloy wheel repairs. Alloy wheels are getting more and more popular. This is good for you as our technology is always improving, meaning faster and more affordable repairs all the time!

If you have a repair that needs carrying out, call our team! 

If your damages are not listed above, it could be that we need to take your car to the garage. 

Do not fret though! If you still need a service where we come to you, we can take your car to the garage and return it to a suitable location for you. 

Why do We Come To You?

Car body repairs, when we come to you, are excellent for several reasons.

First, they are extremely convenient for you.

You never have to find a garage, travel to a garage and trust your car to be left at the garage.

On top of that, you’ll have to pick your car up after.

Lots of time is wasted for you travelling to and fro – arranging taxis, lifts and the like. 

With a portable repair service, we can come to your house.

Better yet? You might have your car somewhere else, like work, and we can arrange to meet you there if that is more convenient. 

So that’s the main benefit.

It saves you visit an auto car body repair garage and they save you the time of travelling to and from the shop. 

The second main benefit is price. When travelling to and leaving your car in a garage, you incur plenty of costs.

Garages can only serve and hold a certain amount of cars each day, so prices can add up quickly to meet their minimum profit threshold. 

When you require a small to medium sized repair from a portable repair service like ours, we can keep the costs right down.

We only have your car to focus on for the 30 minutes to a few hours (or however long the procedure takes) meaning an efficient service. 

Additionally, you do not have to pay for keeping your car at our garage (we have expenses like CCTV, admin etc.) and you don’t lose time or money travelling to and from the garage. 

The service not only becomes cheaper overall, but much more convenient and time effective.


This is why we have opted to introduce more mobile repair units into areas of London like East London instead of more garages. We can also get your car body repairs in South London sorted now with our expanding team!

Generally speaking, the service is better for you and better for us. 

One thing worth noting is that small to medium repairs are generally carried out by our team.

As already described above, we can always come and pick up your car if it does need more thorough service at the garage.