Car Body Repairs South London

Require a car body repair service in South London? Why not give us a try!

We started off as simply a garage repair service. Now we come to you and repair you car. This type of service repairs started becoming more and more prominent – we jumped on the bandwagon. 

Now we can serve the whole of South and South East London with our car repair service. 

Why did we jump on the bandwagon? 

Simply put, we think that this type of repair service is excellent in being able to cover all locations in London for our repair services. Don’t get us wrong, we still like and have a garage you can get your car repaired at. 

However, we like the freely moveable repair sides of things equally as much. Having both a garage and a mobile repair service gives our existing and new customers plenty of choice as to how they want their repairs made. 

Both have excellent reasons why you would choose one over the other. 

Generally speaking, it’s our portable service that covers West London. 

a car completely crushed needing repair

Should I use a mobile repair service for my car’s damage? 

It’s a question that everyone getting their car repaired asks. 

Going down this route is a great option. We’ve touched on the main benefits already across the site but let’s look at them again. 

First, it’s convenient.

Don’t worry about anything related to travelling to and from a garage.

Our team come to you with a van geared up with everything needed to make your repairs there and then. You can tell us where you want us to come, be that your work place or home.

We just discuss the amount of time it will take to make the repair and where would be most appropriate for you.  

Secondly, you make savings by never travelling to us. This goes for time as well as lift/taxi money. More often than not, a mobile repair can be as cheap if not cheaper than getting a repair at a garage. 

Our garages have more overheads to cover and therefore general prices have to increase.

Running this type of repair service is reasonably cheap in comparison and the prices can reflect these differences. 

So these are the two reasons that a mobile repair is going to be as good if not better than an auto body repair service for most of our clients. 

Which services can your car body repair service carry out in South London?

As a general rule, just about every single small to medium sized repair we would carry out at one of our garages can be carried out by our mobile repairs team. 

These small to medium sized repairs include:

Bumper scrapes. Make sure to not sell your car without getting minor defects like these resolved. You can get them fixed at your doorstep for a low cost and stop the value of your car plummeting. 

Scratches. Scratches never look good.

They’re frustrating.

Thankfully, the process to remove them has never been better and we can do it quickly.

It used to be that all car scratch repairs required full panel replacements.

We have come a long way from that point and can now remove scratches seamlessly in hours – from call out to the actual procedural. 

Paintwork repairs. Modern technology allows us to exact match your current colour scheme to be able to repair any panels requiring new paintwork.

Again, you used to have to replace whole panels and other time consuming/costly approaches but spraying and repeating is becoming better and better.

This is yet another repair we can get the call out for and carry it out in a matter of hours from the call. 

Dent. Dents are some of the worst looking damages that a car can sustain. They misshapen your car and truly make it look broken. Dents can also occur in a plethora of different ways.

They’re really common. Our dent removal service either uses paint or is paintless.

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is used when no paint is required to be replaced. The dent is effectively ‘massaged’ out of the panel until your car ‘pops’ back into place.

Or if your paint is unruly, we can combine paint repair and dent repair. Both can be completed in a matter of a few hours. 

Allot wheels. Alloys are easy to damage.

They’re so low and close to the road that it is common for rocks and such to kick up and scratch or dent your alloys.

Our service can travel to you and fix any small to medium sized defects with your alloys.

They’ll look near enough to brand new again! 

Please note that our service, where we come to you, won’t be able to repair really damaged and crippled alloys. If your alloys are crushed or completely misshaped, we’ll need the garage’s tools and equipment to fix these.

If you still need a convenient service, we can pick up your car to save you driving to our garage. We’ll give you all the options over the phone though. 

Get your car repaired today

Just give us a call to get your car repaired today. Our car body repair service is competitive, fast and comprises of all far body repair services available from any other repair company.  

If you need car body repairs in South London, Call the team! Tell them your problem and we would love to help out further!