Mobile Dent Repair London

Our various mobile dent repair teams throughout London are completing dent repairs every single day.

Why drive around with an unshapely car when we can come right to your door step with the correct tools and equipment to remove your dent for you?!

Our car dent repair service can remove almost any small to medium sized dent.

This goes for any sort of object that might have hit your car too, causing some sort of dent.

Massive dents might mean needing a garage, but most typical dents can be taken care of right on your driveway.

a large dent in a car

How long will a dent removal take?

Our mobile care dent removal and repairs service can remove dents in a matter of hours.

This is a fully comprehensive service meaning that a respray will probably be involved, too. All of our London teams (North, East, South and West) can all complete comprehensive dent repairs.

Can you carry out paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is very popular at the moment. The reason? PDR is generally more cost-effective and is usually quicker than more classical methods. We still carry out mobile car paint repair, but paintless dent removal is a really effective service.

But what is it? Well PDR does not use paint as the name suggests, meaning that money and time is saved not painting and filling.

Also, a costly whole panel replacement is never needed during a PDR.

To understand how PDR works – imagine if you had a knot in your back. A masseuse would work the area so that the knot goes away.

PDR is similar to a massage in that the dent is essentially ‘massaged’ from out of your car. The panel sort of ‘pops’ back into place and looks like it’s new all over again.

Generally, you would use PDR when your paint has not been damaged and the dent is relatively small.

Small dents are most commonly caused by rocks or something similar flicking up from the road and misshaping your panels.

PDR is a really quick method to get rid of dents. It totally removes any requirement of filling or painting any panels.

The time taken is usually within a few hours. That means, if one of our technicians are free, you could call us and have your dent completely removed just within a few hours.

This saves you coming to us and you get your car fixed in a matter of hours.

On top of that?

Our mobile repair prices are generally a lot cheaper than a traditional auto car body repair shop. They charge all sorts of unnecessary premiums because they can only service a certain amount of cars each day.