Our car repair service is totally comprehensive of any dents, bumps, scratches and other damages you are facing.

You have the choice of coming into our garage in London or through using our mobile repair service.

a car being prepared to be repaired

Here is a more comprehensive list of the services we are offering on a daily basis to our customers:

In our car body repair shop

Bumper repair in London – we can completely fix anything about your bumper.

This is perhaps one of the most common parts of a car that we repair for clients. Bumpers are susceptible to getting damaged by scratches, dents and paint failure.

Accordingly, we can easily fix any bumper problems you have after fixing thousands and thousands over the years. Click on the link to get more details on our bumper repair service.

Alloy wheel repairs in London – the same goes for alloy wheels.

As your wheels are one of the closest visible things to the road, they are really susceptible to getting damaged in accidents.

Our experience and skills help us repair alloy wheels where competition cannot find a suitable repair and have to resort to costly replacement.

In the instance that a repair is absolutely not viable, we have endless types and sizes of alloy wheels ready to replace yours if they are beyond repair. Although we coin ourselves as primarily a car body repairs London service – we are skilled engineers that can do lots of things for your vehicle should it need it.

Dent repairs in London – Dents are easy to pick up what with us spending so much time in our cars.

No matter the size of your dent, we will have a repair for your car.

We can give you free estimates and fix just about every single make and model of a vehicle.