Alloy Wheel Repair London

Our repair service carries out endless amounts of alloy wheel repairs each year in our London garage.

We have become experts at consistently getting alloy repairs right every single time.

It used to be that alloy wheels were a costly addition to a car.

More like a luxury than something you would see every day.

Now that alloy wheels are cheaper to make and therefore cheaper to purchase, we now see them all the time.

As a result, we are now repairing more and more each day as they become more and more common.

Kerb and general damage is becoming more and more common for alloy wheel repairers like ourselves as there are simply more alloy wheels out there.

This has only helped those that already had alloy wheels. The increase in demand has seen technology progress in ways we can repair alloy wheels.

There are now more convenient ways to repair minor damage to spokes and rims at an affordable cost.

All of our technicians are qualified SMART engineers meaning that any alloy wheel refurbishment you need is completed to a high standard.

Our alloy repair service includes the following:

– Paint applied to any areas that require it.

– Any minor dents and scratches will be repaired and removed.

– Cosmetic fixes will be applied where necessary.

However, we cannot fix the following with an alloy wheel. These damages below would require a full replacement in most cases:

– Strong structural damage. The alloy wheels are now misshapen.

– Damage to the wheels that has left the alloys crippled and permanently damaged.

These kinds of damages can’t just be repaired. Alloys are reasonably sensitive to damage. These damages would require replacements rather than repair.

We can absolutely replace your alloys if this is the only option, we just wanted to make a clear distinction about what it is you can and cannot repair.

Our range of alloys is far reaching so you will have a wide selection of shapes and sizes for your alloy replacements.

a range of alloy wheels

What is the repair process for alloy wheels?

We stay quality by staying consistent. It sounds cliché but it is true. Consistently working to a high standard always gets us consistently good results in return.

Let’s have a quick look at the process:

– First we prepare the damaged part of the alloy, sand down the alloy down then add a layer of primer to it.

– Secondly, we paint the area, lacquer it and wait for the alloy to dry.

Usually we can simply repair your alloys while they are on your car.

However, when a, for instance, bumper repair in London is being carried out at our car body repair shop, it can be easier to remove the alloys from the car.

Taking the alloys off are not an extra cost for you, but to make it easier for us to carry out the work you need.

How much does an alloy wheel repair cost in London?

This is a really hard question for us to answer. The best answer we can give is that your repairs could be as low as £30.

However, the cost of an alloy wheel repair is really going to depend on the extent of the damage, the type of alloy you have and so on.

There are simply too many factors involved to give a good rough estimate with cost.

Just call us and our team might be able to give you a rough estimate if you have clear details on the damage.

At the worst, you can come into our repair shop or we can send one of our mobile repair team to come and give you a free quote for the damage.