Bumper Repair London

Our bumper repair service covers the whole of London.

Bumper scratches/dents/scrapes usually come as a result of another vehicle brushing against your vehicle.

Bumper damage is really frustrating because, as soon as your bumper is in a damaged state, the value of your car instantly decreases.

This poses a problem whether you want to keep your car or sell your car. Keeping your car means you have to drive around with some sort of damage and selling your car will mean it is now worth less.

Our bumper repair service covers all of the most common damages you will experience with a bumper.

one of our engineers fixing a bumper

These include:

Scratch removal. Scratches really ruin the look and value of a car. We have multiple methods that we can use to remove scratches from your car. Another reason to get your scratch removed is to prevent any more problems occurring later down the line.

Thankfully, we no longer have to take extreme measures like replacing the whole of a particular panel when scratched. We can simply target the damaged area alone, resulting in savings for everyone.

Modern colour matching techniques allow us to effortlessly align your car’s colour with the correct paint for us to use an exact match and fix your scratch.

Scuff removal. Scuffs are another aspect of car damage that are unsightly and bring down the value of your car.

We make sure to repair your car using the correct methods and expertise to ensure an excellent repair is made every single time.

All bumpers are repaired using colour match technology to get your bumper looking absolutely pristine again!

Bumper crack repair. Have a crack in your bumper? Cracks can start to become a safety hazard as well as looking unsightly. A crack in your bumper will probably make it weak, insecure and liable to be damaged further.

Of course, an even bigger worry is that your plastic bumper crack could leave you vulnerable if you were involved in any sort of car collision. We will easily be able to find the necessary repair or replacement to combat a cracked bumper.

Bumper dent repairs.In London and have a dent in your bumper?

We work hard to make repairs where other firms are happy to simply opt for costly replacements.

Call our team to get a free quote for a bumper repair service in London if you have a dent.

Types of bumpers we can repair in London:

We can fix every type of bumper! Our services caters to every single type and model of car.

You have to be this way if you are going to compete in the London market as offering an excellent service.

The most common types of bumper are either plastic, chrome and metal.

Call us to get your bumper repaired

If you are looking for a reliable, consistent, friendly and professional car body repair service in London, we are your guys for the job.

We complete bumper repairs every single day of the week – so it is highly unlikely you will show us something we have not seen before.

All you have to do is give our number a call and arrange for our team to either come and pick your car up, repair your car at your property or come in to our auto body repair shop.