Dent Repair London

Our dent repair service has been carried out since the day we started this company.

Dents are more common than people think.

We get dozens of people each day requiring a dent to be fixed by our team in our car body repair shop.

All this practice has made us excellent at repairing any sort of car dent. Do the same thing thousands of times and you will master it.

Combine our experience with our excellent facilities, tools and equipment and you have an exceptional dent repair service.

We always practice the best and most modern techniques.

Other than that would be a massive disservice to our clients – especially as we have access to all of these techniques and excellent equipment.

Cars are expensive, so trusting a car body repair shop can feel risky.

We like to remove the risk from the situation by giving you peace of mind that we will only return your car to you in peak condition.

We will never make a repair and say ‘this went slightly wrong’ or something to that degree.

All repairs (be they dents or anything else) are carried out to the highest levels possible.

Cars are expensive and we treat your car with dignity and respect.

a car getting panels and dents removed

Let’s take a look at the main kinds of dents we deal with on a daily basis:

Swage line dents (in your body line)

Lots of cars have ‘body lines’ that appear on the side of the doors or body of your car.

You can expect to have a dent in this area of your car if someone opens their car door onto yours.

Your body line stands out amongst the rest of the panel and that is why this part is always dented by another car door.

Bonnet dents

Cars are made from aluminium.

Aluminium is a type of metal, but it is far easier to dent than you would expect.

One can simply push down firmly on a bonnet and create a dent in it.

Another common cause for your bonnet damage is things falling and hitting your bonnet.

This could be anything from fireworks to rocks and stones that have kicked up from the road.

Boot dents

Boot dents most often occur by accidentally reversing into something.

This could be anything from a fence to a lamppost, to a wheelie bin.

You could even be overzealous and hit your boot as you open it.

For example, you could be packing your boot and hit the boot with something heavy.

As with most dents, boots can be easily repaired.

Car park and trolley dents

We have car park and trolley dents come through to us every single day.

People are careless with trolleys.

People also underestimate controlling a trolley in a tight space or with wind.

The same goes for car park spaces.

People simply cannot seem to drive in car parks! Whatever problem you might have, whether it’s alloy wheel repair in London or some other service, we can fix all dents caused through a carpark accident.

Comprehensive repairs for all

Yes, there are a lot of dents you could be facing, but we can tackle all of the above!

We repair a handful of these every day for all different types of cars, models shapes and sizes.

Simply call our team to arrange visiting our garage, or we can come to you using our mobile car repair service.

Our service is fast and efficient, so you can always expect a speedy turnaround at an affordable price.